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Mystery Box of the Month!

Mystery Box of the Month!

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Can’t decide on what to get? You're in the right spot! Gift a loved one or yourself one of our famous mystery boxes. Pick a price point and you will get a box full of product always including one of our signature drink bottles! Try once or join our subscription and save!

Choose your tier and receive some or all the following mystery items!

Bronze: Milk Carton Water Bottle, Straw, Scrunchie, & Surprise Extras!

Silver: Milk Carton Water Bottle, Straw, Scrunchie, Mug, & Surprise Extras!

Gold: Milk Carton Water Bottle, Straw, Scrunchie, Bag, Mug, T-shirt & Surprise Extras!

Platinum: Milk Carton Water Bottle, Straw, Scrunchie, Bag, Mug, T-shirt, Hoodie & Surprise Extras!

Every box is unique but always comes with a 16.9oz, BPA free bottle. If you get a gold or platinum tier, please leave your size in the order notes or we will default to non-sized products such as trinket dishes, mugs and blankets.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Aubree Porter
I loved it!

The bottle is exactly what I would've picked for myself, the t-shirt I got isn't something I would've got for myself but it's comfy and a nice color and the customer service was fantastic. I will be ordering again!

Olivia Fournier
Loved my mystery box!

There were so many cute little gadgets inside, I was so thrilled with what I got! Thanks so much :)

Audrey Jubinville


So fun!

Absolutely loved my Diamond Mystery Merch Box. It was a great variety of products. I also really loved that some of the products were themed by color and design. It was perfect for me as I'm super indecisive and have a hard time choosing with so many really good product option.

Madeline Van Sickle

Great products